The shipyard has the adequate facilities and human resources to perform all the requirements for each project. We have our own docks including floating and dry ones especially for barges.


We have the necessary space to carry out all kinds of repairs on barges, tugs and/or ships.


Our staff has proven experience in the development of construction projects for boats of different sizes.


Experience transforming ships into different categories and size.

The UTE located in Puerto Martins Shipyard has the necessary resources to carry out the following tasks

  • Projection, direction and execution of naval and land works.
  • Construction, repair and ship transformation.
  • Assembly, piping.
  • Development of welding procedures.
  • Special welds (bronzes, aluminum, alloys).

Conversion and repair projects

Construction of the sandpit “ALELUYA"


Ship Launching Airbags



  • Warehouse: 1.100 m2 covered.
  • 220/380v electric power service
  • Drinking water.
  • Ballast water and dock fire
  • Own motorized pontoons to support the movement of barges.
  • Land cranes.
  • Press brake
  • Radial drilling machines
  • Parallel lathes.